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Check out these other awesome handbooks loaded with advice on tech interviewing.

Tech Interview HandbookDetailed handbook covering many technical interview topics in depth.Link
Front-end Interview HandbookBy the same author of the Tech Interview Handbook but aimed at front-end engineers.Link

Behavioral interviews

Ace your behavioral interviews with these resources.

Jeff H. Sipe's YouTube channelA recruiter who spent 5 years a Google talks about recommended responses to behavioral questions.Link
Top 30 behavioral interview questionsBehavioral questions from the Tech Interview Handbook to practice.Link

Leetcode-style interviews

Tackle those pesky algorithm and coding challenges.

LeetcodeThe site after which these interviews are named. In my opinion, this is where you should be doing the bulk of your practicing.Link
NeetcodePractice the Neetcode 150 and the Blind 75 using this checklist.Link
Neetcode YouTube channelJust phenomenal explanations of leetcode solutions. These are linked from within the Neetcode checklist mentioned above as well.Link
Grind 75The creator of the Blind 75 created a new list and a website that helps you plan your studies. I didn't use this resource during my search but it seems nice.Link
Big O CheatsheetTime and space complexity of the most popular algorithms used in Leetcode challengesLink

System design interviews

Crack the system design interview

The System Design Primer on GithubGuide for prepping system design interviews and includes flash cards for studying.Link
The System Design Interview for IT CompaniesAnother Github-based guide for system design interviews.Link
The RADAD frameworkA good framework for progressing through system design interviews from the Front-end Interview Handbook.Link
31 system design interview questionsA good collection of system design interview questions to practice.Link

Technical knowledge interviews

Good resources for brushing up on technical knowledge questions.

Front-end Developer Interview Questions on GithubA very comprehensive list of front-end developer technical knowledge questions.Link
Backend Developer Interview Questions on GithubA list of backend developer technical knowledge questionsLink
A Googler's front-end interview questionsQuestions one Googler mentions are his go-to for senior candidates.Link

Other useful resources

Don't quite fit into a category but they're important!

Hiring Without Whiteboards on GithubHate leetcode-style interviews? This is a list of companies that use other ways of assessing candidates.Link
GlassdoorLook up company reviews, see if people complain about work-life balance, investigate what a company's interview process looks like.Link
Levels.fyiCrowdsourced data on compensation for many tech companies. Use this to determine whether you should even apply to a company or if it likely won't meet your salary needs.Link